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Surbeck Building
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Corunna, MI 48817

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P (Criminal Division): 989.743.2373

P (Child Support): 989.743.2339
P (Victim's Rights): 989.743.2468
F: 989.743.2237

Victim Services and Assistance

Following a crime, a victim's life can be turned upside down.  The experience of being a crime victim can create different emotional, physical and financial responses from every person.

Wendy Hay, Victim Rights Coordinator

Wendy Hay, Shiawassee County's Victim's Rights Coordinator is available to assist victims of crime through the criminal process.  So is Smokey, the Shiawassee County Prosecutor's Canine Advocate.

Victims Rights Coordinator Wendy Hay provides to victims the rights that have been established by the Crime Victims Rights Act.  When a victim requests his/her rights, Ms. Hay can provide them with services, which may include:

  • Notifying the victim of any scheduled court proceedings;
  • Updating the victim on case status and any known change in court dates;
  • Accompanying and supporting the victim in court;
  • Providing the victim with court orientation;
  • Explaining the court process and procedures to the victim;
  • Providing the victim with privacy prior to court appearances;
  • Helping the victim with the return of personal property;
  • Assisting the victim with the creation of a Victim Impact Statement;
  • Assisting the victim in applying for Crime Victim Compensation;
  • Assisting the victim in making a claim for restitution;
  • Acting as liaison

To obtain information or assistance from Ms. Hay, please contact her at:

Wendy K. Hay, Victim Rights Coordinator
Shiawassee County Prosecutor's Office
201 North Shiawassee Street, Second Floor
Corunna, Michigan 48817
(989) 743-2468

Smokey, Shiawassee County's Canine Advocate

In 2013, the Canine Advocacy Program connected Shiawassee County with Smokey, the County's Canine Advocate.  Smokey's job is to provide advocacy services to child victims to help alleviate the anxiety associated with being involved in the criminal justice system.

Our dog Smokey is skilled in assisting children in both courts and during the interviewing process in criminal investigation of child physical and sexual abuse.  If you would like Smokey to be involved in a case in which a child may be called as a witness, please contact Victim Rights Coordinator Wendy Hay.

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