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Paternity and Child Support Establishment

Steven Willis
Steven Willis
Assistant Prosecutor
Child Support

Child support is money one parent pays to help meet a child’s needs when the parent is not living with that child.  Upon receiving a referral from the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS), the prosecutor’s staff provides services to obtain child support, medical support, and child care support orders.  These services are primarily provided under the Family Support Act, the

Paternity Act, the Status of Minors Act, and Title IV, Section D of the federal Social Security Act (often referred to as “IV-D” services).

The Referral Process

Referrals to the prosecutor’s office is initiated by either of the following:

  • An individual primarily raising the child will sign up for IV-D services by requesting certain types of public assistance, such as Family Independence Payments (FIP, aka cash assistance), Food Assistance Payments (FAP), Medicaid, or Child Day Care (CDC); or,
  • For individuals who do not receive public assistance for the minor child, they can apply for the same services by submitting form DHS-1201 to DHS.  To obtain a DHS-1201 form click here or visit the prosecutor’s office, the Friend of the Court (FOC), or a local DHS branch location.

Paternity Establishment

If paternity has not been established at the time of the IV-D referral, the prosecutor’s office will contact the testing laboratory to arrange for collection and testing of DNA samples from the alleged father, the child, and the mother.

Custody and Parenting Time

Custody and parenting time provisions are typically addressed in child support orders, but the prosecutor’s staff does not handle custody or parenting time actions nor does the prosecutor’s staff advocate on those issues.  If the parties cannot agree on custody and parenting time provisions during the course of an action involving the prosecutor’s office, a referral will usually be made to the FOC for conciliation services.


When grandparents, aunts, uncles, or others have guardianship over a minor child, the prosecutor’s staff will pursue child support from both parents, if appropriate, upon referral from DHS.

Interstate Cases

If the absent parent lives outside of Michigan and does not have sufficient ties to Michigan for a local support order, an interstate case may be initiated to the state where the absent parent lives, asking the other state to establish the child support order.  Establishment of paternity may also be requested of the other state, if appropriate.

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To obtain more information or assistance concerning paternity or child support establishment, please contact our child support coordinator:

Teresa Schneider
Shiawassee County Prosecutor’s Office
201 North Shiawassee Street, Second Floor
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(989) 743-2339

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