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Information for Seniors

Elder abuse is an issue that is faced by older adults across the globe.  The exact scope of the problem is unknown, although in Michigan it is estimated that at least 73,000 older adults are victims of elder abuse each year.

Whether it is physical abuse, financial exploitation, emotional abuse, neglect, or self-neglect, the symptoms and treatment of elder abuse are complex.  It is often characterized by life-threatening actions (or sometimes inaction) inflicted upon vulnerable adults.  It is about the theft of resources that leads to financial and emotional devastation of someone who will never be able to recoup their losses.

Unfortunately, we realize that elder abuse remains mostly an unrecognized and unreported social problem.  The Shiawassee County Prosecutor's Office takes elder abuse seriously.  We respect and take great pride in our elder population.  Whenever evidence allows, criminal charges will be filed under Michigan's vulnerable adult statutes.

Reporting Elder Abuse or Neglect

If you suspect that an elder is being physically abused or neglected, please contact the Department of Human Services Centralized Intake Center at (855) 444-3911.  If the abuse or neglect is an emergency requiring immediate assistance, dial 911.

If you suspect abuse, neglect, or exploitation of a resident of a nursing home by another resident or by a nursing home employee, please notify the Michigan Bureau of Health Services Hotline at (800) 822-6006.


Michigan Department of Human Services, Adult Protective Services
Centralized Intake: (855) 444-3911

Michigan Bureau of Health Services
Hotline: (800) 822-6006

Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc
Developmental Disabilities: (800) 288-5923
Mental Illness: (800) 288-5923

Michigan Attorney General
24-Hour Health Care Fraud Hotline: (800) 24-ABUSE / (800) 242-2873

Shiawassee County Council on Aging
(989) 723-8875

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
TTY: 1-800-553-2508

National Sexual Violence Resource Center
TTY: 1-717-909-0715