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Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Surbeck Building
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P (Criminal Division): 989.743.2373
P (Victim's Rights): 989.743.2468
F: 989.743.2237

How do I get a copy of a police report? Is it free?

If you are a defendant in a criminal or juvenile case, and you have an attorney, he or she will obtain a copy of the police report for you from our office; you can get a personal copy from your lawyer.

If you are a defendant and do not have an attorney, or are just an interested citizen, you can obtain a copy of a police report after the defendant has been arraigned on the charged offense. Note that you will be charged for a police report.  Fill out a copy of a Freedom of Information Act request with sufficient information for the Prosecutor's staff to identify the police report, and bring it with you to the Prosecuting Attorney's office to pick up the report. You may want to call ahead (at the number above) to let them know you will be filing the FOIA request so that your copying fee can be determined, and sufficient time can be arranged by our staff to copy the report.