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What if I resume contact with the respondent after the PPO has been issued?

Once a personal protection order (PPO) is signed by a judge, it remains in effect until the date of expiration, or until it is cancelled or changed by another court order. Even if you decide to have contact with the restrained party, the PPO remains enforceable by the police and the court.  If you want to have contact with the other party and do not want the PPO enforced, you must file a Motion to Modify, Extend, or Terminate Personal Protection Order with the Court.

You assume certain legal obligations when you apply for a Personal Protection Order. Meeting these obligations is essential for the success of your order, and for your safety. The following is a list of your obligations as the petitioner:

Avoid contact with the respondent. By beginning this court proceeding, not only should the respondent not be contacting you, but YOU should comply with the order by not contacting the respondent. The judge issued a PPO, and the court therefore has ordered that particular behaviors not occur, that is, the court has ordered that the respondent not have any contact with you.  By giving permission to or engaging the respondent to contact you, you are actively aiding in the behaviors that the judge has ordered not to occur. If you need to have the order changed or ended, you must file the motion request the Judge to do so. Failure to comply with the Court’s Order could result in you being found in contempt of court.