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What if a PPO was issued in another state?

A peace officer, without a warrant, may arrest and take into custody a person when the officer has positive information that a "foreign protection order" has been violated in Michigan. An officer may rely on a copy of the order if it contains all of the following:

  • Parties' names
  • Issuance date that is prior to the date when enforcement is sought
  • Terms and conditions against the respondent
  • Name of issuing court
  • Judicial officer's signature
  • No obvious indication that the order is invalid (such as an expiration date occurring before the date when enforcement is sought)

Verification on L.E.I.N. or the NCIC national protection order file is not required. The officer may rely on the petitioner's or respondent's statement that the respondent has received prior notice of the order. A person who violates a foreign protection order that is a conditional release order or a probation order issued by another court in a criminal proceeding is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 93 days and/or $500. (See MCL 600.2950m.)