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Can I get my Michigan PPO enforced in another state?

Yes. If you have a valid Michigan personal protection order (PPO) that meets federal standards, it can be enforced in another state. The Violence Against Women Act, which is a federal law, states that all valid PPOs granted in the United States receive "full faith and credit" in all state and tribal courts within the U.S, including U.S. territories.

Each state must enforce out-of-state PPOs in the same way it enforces its own orders. Meaning, if your abuser violates your out-of-state PPO, she/he will be punished according to the laws of whatever state you are in when the order is violated. This is what is meant by "full faith and credit." To make this even clearer, every Michigan PPO says that the order is enforceable in any state as long as the defendant has been notified of the order. MCL 600.2950(11)(b).

A PPO is valid anywhere in the USA if:

  • It was issued to prevent violent, threatening, or harassing behavior against another person, or it was issued to forbid contact or communication with another person.
  • The court that issued the order had jurisdiction over the people and case (i.e, had the authority to hear the case).
  • The abuser received notice of the order and had an opportunity to go to court to tell his/her side of the story. For ex parte and emergency orders, the abuser must receive notice and have an opportunity to go to court to tell his/her side of the story at a hearing that is scheduled before the temporary order expires. 18 USC 2265.