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The defendant is not paying the court-ordered restitution. Who can help me?

If the defendant is still on probation, you should call the probation department handling the defendant's case. The probation officer can help you get your money if restitution was acondition of the defendant's probation and if the defendant is still onprobation.

For District Court probationers:  Call the District Court's probation department at 989-743-2261 and ask for the probation officer who is assigned to the case.

For Circuit Court probationers:  Call the Michigan Department of Corrections - Probation and Parole department at 989-743-2402 and ask for the probation officer assigned to the defendant's case.

For Juvenile Court probationers:  Call the Family Court clerk at 989-743-2372 and ask for the probation officer supervising the defendant's case.

If the probation has expired and your restitution has not been paid in full, you should consult a private lawyer. A criminal case restitution order is a court order that expires only when the restitution has been paid in full.  If the court-ordered restitution covers all of your claims, then you do not have to separately sue the defendant.  You can enforce the criminal case's restitution order like any civil judgment (e.g, garnishment of wages, attachment of property, etc.) though a collections action in the court that ordered the restitution.