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District 5 County Commissioner Vacancy
Process and Instructions

The position of Shiawassee County Commissioner for District 5 is currently vacant due to the recent resignation of the incumbent. A replacement will be appointed by the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners within 30 days of the vacancy. This posting outlines the required materials that you must submit in order to be considered for appointment to this position. It also outlines the basic process that will be followed.

Required Documents
In order for an individual to be considered for appointment, the Board of Commissioners is requiring that you submit two documents: (1) a statement of interest, and (2) an attestation as to your qualifications to hold the office of District 5 County Commissioner.

You are free to include whatever information you think would be helpful to the Board of Commissioners in your statement of interest. However, it must be in writing, be submitted by the deadline below, and it must list each elected or appointed public office that you currently hold.

The attestation is included below in this packet and must be fully completed, signed and returned with your statement of interest.

Required Participation

Individuals who submit the required documents need to be able to attend—and possibly participate in—a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners on February 3rd at 5:00pm.

Deadlines and Further Information

SUBMISSIONS MUST BE COMPLETE AND RECEIVED BY NO LATER THAN 5:00PM ON JANUARY 28, 2022. Submissions can be hand delivered, sent by mail, email or fax. They must be received by the deadline.

Submissions should be sent to:
Shiawassee County
Attn: Dr. Brian Boggs - County Coordinator
201 N. Shiawassee St
Corunna, MI 48817
Phone: 989.743.2457
Fax: 989.743.2284


*Attached please find the attestation that needs to be signed and returned to Dr. Boggs* -Attestation