Incident Report

Contact 911 if the matter is an emergency or a life or death situation.

Welcome to the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office Online reporting system. This program has been initiated by Sheriff George Braidwood for the convenience of the citizens of Shiawassee County. Online reports may be made by citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by completing and submitting the information required on the form. The incident will be reviewed by Sheriff's Office personnel for completeness and assignment of a report number which will then be e-mailed to the sender. The Sheriff's Office may call you for additional information or clarification.

WARNING: A person who intentionally makes a false report of a commission of a crime, knowing that the report is false is in violation of MCL 750.411a.

Online Reporting Form: Online reporting is for matters that are non-emergencies, and occurred within the Sheriff's Office jurisdiction. All others matters will require that you contact Shiawassee County Central Dispatch by calling 989-743-3411 and selecting option 0 ("zero".)

Please accurately fill out the appropriate fields below then click on the submit button. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

The following types of incidents may be reported using this form.

Lost Property - Lost property where the circumstances are unknown.  In the event that the property is found and can be conclusively identified every effort will be made to return the property to you.

Found Property - In order to complete the report of found property, you must bring the property to the Sheriff's Office, accompanied by the preliminary incident number assigned to this report.

Private Property Accidents - Motor vehicle accidents occurring on private property (including parking lots and private driveways) where no one is injured.  This includes incidents where all parties involved are present and those where you discover damage occurring to your vehicle on private property where the other party has left the scene and is unidentified.

Damaged Property - Mailbox -  Damage to a mailbox where the circumstances are unknown.

Harassing Phone Calls - Harassment where the only contact is by telephone.

Larceny From an Auto - Theft of items from a motor vehicle where the value of the items stolen is less than $100.00 and no suspects.

Larceny (Other) - Theft of items not in progress, where the value of the items stolen is less than $250.00 and no suspects.

Larceny of Gas - BUSINESS ONLY may report theft of gasoline ("Drive off") where the act is not in progress, the license plate for the suspect vehicle is not available, and little or no description of the suspect and vehicle are available.



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Date and time time the incident occurred. (If an exact time is not known, please provide your best information as to the earliest and latest times possible.) Time approximate to the nearest hour (If an exact time is known, include it in your description.

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