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*Direct Payment Credit

  • If you have an order to pay through the Friend of Court (FOC) you are NOT to pay the other party directly. You MUST submit the money thru the Michigan State Disbursement Unit. Credit toward your account might not be given if you pay the other party directly without an order to do so.

  • Should the Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) submit receipts for child support, alimony, medical, or childcare, the FOC office will mail a copy to the Custodial Parent (CP) for verification. The CP cannot be receiving any type of assistance. You should always retain a receipt from the other party whether it's check, money order, or just a signed note. If the CP agrees, credit may be given. Parties must fill out the Account Adjustment Form (PLEASE READ THE FORM CAREFULLY). If the CP disagrees the FOC will determine if a hearing is needed and the NCP may need to file a Motion. Any direct payment requires a notarized signature. The FOC has several notaries on staff.


  • Filing bankruptcy does NOT discharge the obligation to pay support and arrears. Payment of support may be included in a Bankruptcy Plan. Enforcement of current support may be done while a bankruptcy is pending; enforcement of arrears cannot be done at that time.

***Tax Refunds

  • The Friend of Court is able to collect arrearages thru the Federal and State income tax intercept programs. Each case must meet specific criteria set by the Federal and State Government.
  • Taxes will be intercepted if the following criteria is met:

If the Custodial Parent (CP) is receiving State cash assistance:

-Arrearage must be $150.00 or more
-Amount owed must be delinquent for three months or longer
-Arrearage is for child support

If the CP is not receiving State cash assistance:

    -Arrearage must be $500.00 or more for Federal tax offset
      -Arrearage must be $150.00 or more for State tax offset
-Amount owed must be delinquent for three months or longer

  • If the Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) files a joint return with their current spouse, there will be a delay in the application of the tax refund. A current spouse has the option of filing an injured spouse form to prevent their portion from being applied to the child support debt. All joint return refunds are automatically held for six months to allow for this form to be filed.
  • If you are/have been paying on your current support and arrearages when your tax refund is received, only the current arrearage amount will be applied to the account, any excess will be returned to the NCP.

****The Friend of the Court office DOES NOT have any specific information regarding your tax interception, including, how much is taken, when interception occurred, and when it will be sent to the disbursement unit. Please call the State of Michigan Department of Treasury or the United States Department of Treasury****