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Submitting an Order for Approval

***All orders MUST include a docket/case number on all copies. The original copy MUST have BOTH parties original signatures.***

  •  If parties or attorneys are submitting a stipulated order for approval to the Friend of the Court, please make sure to have the Original copy and four (4) additional copies of the stipulated order before submitting it to the Friend of the Court for approval.
  • Parties or attorneys will be given a receipt with the date that they submitted their order for approval. During the approval process, someone from the Friend of the Court may contact you or the other party if they have any questions about the order you submitted. 

  • If your order is approved, the Friend of the Court will send your order to the Judge for signature. Once signed it is filed with the Shiawassee County Clerks Office and the extra copies are put into the "Pro Per" basket located in the clerks office.

  • It is the parties or the attorneys responsibility to make sure that the Friend of the Court receives a copy of the signed order.

  • Once a copy is received by the Friend of the Court, the order is given to the Order Entry Department. Details of the Order Entry Process may be found linked here.