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SMILE Program

What is Smile?

SMILE - Start Making It Livable for Everyone - is an educational program for separating or divorced parents with children under the age of eighteen. This program is currently held at the Shiawassee County Courthouse 208 N SHIAWASSEE ST CORUNNA MI 48817, 3rd Floor at 3:00pm.


The goals of the SMILE program are:

  • To provide information to help parents better understand the effects of divorce.
  • To help parents understand the needs of their children.
  • To promote children's healthy adjustment to divorce.

The information that will be provided to you at the SMILE program presentation has been drawn from the experience of the developers of the SMILE program, and other professionals in the field of divorce. Each year over one million marriages end in divorce in the United States. When divorce happens, some people feel alone and wonder how anyone else lived through it. SMILE will provide information about the effects of divorce and what parents can do to make the divorce situation livable.

SMILE is important because:

  • It provides information to help parents better understand the effects of divorce. It assists parents to understand the needs of their children.

  • It helps parents learn what they can do to create a nurturing and safe environment so that their children can recover from the divorce and feel good about themselves.

  • It provides information to prevent destructive game-playing that is so common among divorced couples and their children.

  • It helps parents gain problem solving skills.

  • It lets parents know that they are not alone.

  • It helps parents know how to be in touch with their children's pain and anguish.

  • It shows parents how to stop making children victims of the divorce.

SMILE often helps soften the experience of divorce.