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Review & Modification FAQs

I would like to change the child support amount

You are eligible for a support review every three years, or if there has been a significant change in your financial circumstances, such as a job loss or large change in pay.

Your Options:

  • Submit a written request to FOC for a support review. If you have asked for a review in the past three years, be sure to provide proof of your significant change in circumstances.
  • File a Motion for Child Support with the Shiawassee County Clerks Office.
  • Contact an attorney.

My child support changed so now I’m overpaid. When and how will I get my overpayment back?

Some people think the FOC office has a fund that we use to pay overpayments back to the payer of support, but this is not the case. Instead, all payments are applied based on the amount due when the payment is made. The funds are distributed by the MISDU to the payee as soon as possible and cannot be retrieved by us, thus we are not able to pay back overpayments. We have no way of knowing if support will be reduced in the future or if an overpayment will occur as a result.