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Payment Information

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Making a Payment

 There are several ways to make a child support payment. Please read the following information carefully:

  • Pay Cash at the local Friend of the Court office 
  • Pay by Credit or Debit card at the local Friend of the Court office. Please Contact Us to make an over the phone payment. 

*NOTE: You may now use a credit card to make a payment in person at our office or over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. There is an enhanced access fee to pay by this method. Please inquire at our office if you have any questions regarding the fee or method of payment. Valid identification must be shown at the time of payment if paying in person.

  • Online credit/debit card payments at

  • Pay-by-phone by calling 877-543-2660 with a debit/credit card that has a Master Card, American Express or Discover logo

  • Pay cash at select 7-Eleven or Family Dollar stores during their hours of operation. You must first obtain a PayNearMe barcode from their website at You will need your social security number, your docket/case number, and an email address or cell phone number to receive your barcode. There is a fee of $1.99 for each payment made.

  • Send Money Order or Personal Check to MiSDU (Mail to PO Box 30351 Lansing, MI 48909). Please be sure to include a Temporary Payment Coupon with your check or money order. MiSDU Temporary Payment Coupons

For further payment information please visit the MiSDU Webpage.

Receiving a Payment

Michigan Law requires that child support be sent electronically. Child support payments are received through:

  • Direct deposit into a personal checking or savings account; or
  • Direct deposit to a child support debit card.

 You will receive a check for your first payment, but will be asked to set up either direct deposit or a debit card. If you do not make a choice, you will automatically be issued a debit card.

Setting Up Electronic Payments

Please fill out a Direct Deposit or Debit Card form to receive your child support electronically.

Debit Card

If you choose a debit card, your child support payments are deposited on a US Bank ReliaCard Visa debit card. For a ReliaCard Visa Debit Card information and associated fees click here.

Tracking Payments:

You may view your child support case online using the secure MiChildSupport website. MiChildSupport is available 24-hours a day and provides case information, including support payments. You may access Financial Detail Reports through your MiCase account if you are a full user with your pin.

 For most recent/ up to date payment information please contact the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) (877)543-2660 (County Code- 744) * This line is available 24 hours-7 days a week.


If it has been a minimum of 30 days since you received your last payment you may submit a written Child Support Complaint Form or on a full size sheet of paper with your name, the other party's name, your case number, and the request to enforce child support.