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Other Enforcement Remedies

Consumer (Credit Bureau) Reporting

The friend of the court must report to a consumer-reporting agency (credit bureau) the arrearage amount for each payer with two or more months of support arrearage. Lenders will often obtain a credit report from a consumer-reporting agency when deciding whether to extend credit. If the credit report shows a history of untimely support payments or a large arrearage, the report may result in a denial of a loan or other credit. The Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES) submits an update of arrearages to the consumer-reporting agency on any account already submitted once per month. If your child support debt has been reported and you are currently paying toward arrearages, your efforts will be reflected on your report.

Passport Denial

Current law requires that applications for passports be denied if $2,500 or more is owed in arrears. If your passport has been denied and you believe it to be an error, please contact the Shiawassee County Friend of Court either by phone or in person. If there was, in fact, an error, the Friend of Court will send a request to the State of Michigan to do an emergency removal of passport denial.

License Suspension

Michigan Law MCLA 552.628 provides for suspension of occupational, driver, or recreational or sporting licenses for failing to pay child support. If an arrearage has accrued in an amount greater than 2 months of the amount charged under a support order the court may suspend the licenses.

The order rescinding the suspension does not automatically reinstate the license. The Friend of the Court will send the order rescinding to the Secretary of State and other appropriate Licensing agencies notifying them the license may be reinstated. This will allow the person the ability to apply for the return of the license. There may also be a fee charged by the licensing agency to reinstate the license.

Michigan Law MCLA 552.644 provides for conditional suspension of licenses upon noncompliance with an order for makeup and ongoing parenting time.

Each law mentioned above is linked to the Michigan Legislature for review of the appropriate laws that govern the process. Links to the State Court Administrative Office, Secretary of State and Michigan Legal Help the are provided to better assist you in obtaining information.

Felony Warrant

Under limited circumstances a payer who owes large child support arrears could be subject to state or federal felony prosecution. Felony prosecution is at the discretion and initiation of federal, state or county prosecutors, not the Friend of Court.

Child Support Tax Offset Process