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Health Care Expense Enforcement

*All Bills MUST be paid IN FULL before you start the Medical Enforcement process

  1. If your court order charges for Ordinary Medical, the uninsured medical expenses must exceed the Ordinary Medical Expenses of $403 per year for one child, $807 per year for two children, $1,210 per year for three children, $1,614 per year for four children, and $2,017 per year for five or more children per calendar year (depending on the date of your order), as a prerequisite for enforcement. Documentation of the Ordinary Medical Expenses must be included if not already in your file. If a court order containing this provision goes into effect on a day other than January 1, the charges will be prorated at the time the order is processed by our office.

  2. Once you have provided the other party with the above-mentioned information, you are required to allow the receiving party 28 days to pay you directly.

  3. The parent must complete a “Request For Health Care Expense Payment” Form #1. The form must be sent to the payer, or “Obligor” so that he/she has 28 days to pay expenses directly to the parent seeking reimbursement. You must attach legible copies of all bills that include the following: a. Date of service, b. Patient's name, c. Type of service, d. Cost of service.

  4. Premiums are not considered uninsured costs. If you have insurance you must submit all explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier. If the non-custodial parent receives this information and refuses to cooperate, please inform us of that when returning your claim.

  5. If after 28 days you have not received reimbursement, or only partial reimbursement, you must complete the “Complaint For Enforcement Of Health Care Expenses” Form #2. Date and sign at the bottom and include copies of the bills and Form #1 previously sent to the Obligor, along with Form #2.

  6.  Requests for Friend of the Court enforcement MUST be received within 6 months of the date the bill was paid in full. Please do not submit a claim for less than $20.00 before processing.

Please include a daytime phone number where you can be reached if questions arise. If you need further explanation of the process, you may contact the Friend of the Court. Thank you for your cooperation.