County Surveyor

William R. Wascher, P.S.

Gary W. Holzhausen Drain Commission and Facilities Building
1024 N. Shiawassee St.
Corunna, MI 48817

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P: 989.277.0895

County Surveyor

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The County Surveyor administers the Shiawassee County portion of the Michigan Remonumentation program. Duties include solicitation of local and State funds, preparation of annual budgets, grant applications, surveying contracts, and work assignments to contractors. By Statute, the County Surveyor is charged with being Chairman of the eight member peer group which sits in evaluation of surveying services. The County Surveyor is the statutory representative of the County in review of Land Corner Recordation Certificates (LCRC's) which are presented by contractors, processing and filing of said documents and supporting dossier's with the Register of Deeds, submitting copies to the Michigan Office of Land Survey & Remonumentation, inserting specific data to the Michigan database computer system then preparation and filing of each calendar years completion report.

County and Municipal officials plus members of the public frequently request counsel regarding interpretation of title descriptions and review of controversial boundary surveys. This office is not staffed or equipped to perform boundary surveys. Inquiries of this nature are referred to local private practitioners.