Central Dispatch, 911

Lt. Angela Norling

anorling@shiawassee.net (Non-Emergency)

989.743.9111 (Non-Emergency)
24 hours, 7 days per week

Mission Statement

It is our mission at the Shiawassee County Central Dispatch Center to provide excellent and professional service to the citizens and responders of Shiawassee County.

We are the “FIRST” first responder to help our citizens and responders in an emergency and we are committed to providing this service in the most efficient and accurate manner possible.

We are committed to maintaining a professional and respectful workplace that provides an atmosphere of trust and teamwork.

We are committed to being proactive and progressive in the 911 field in order to provide the citizens and responders of Shiawassee County with the best service available.

We work hard to fulfill our mission in a manner that inspires trust and confidence from the public and the agencies we serve.