Board of Commissioners

Morgan Mowinski, Executive Assistant

Monday - Friday: 8am to Noon and 1pm to 5pm

Surbeck Building
201 North Shiawassee Street, 1st Floor
Corunna, MI 48817

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P: 989.743.2233
F: 989.743.2284

Board of Commissioners

The County Board of Commissioners is the legislative and policy-making body of County Government in Shiawassee County. Many of their duties are specified by the Michigan Constitution and State Statute. There are seven Commissioners elected by Districts to serve a two-year term. The primary responsibility of the Board of Commissioners is development and administration of the annual budget. This includes approving the annual budgets of other independently elected County Officials, including the County Clerk, the Drain Commissioner, the Prosecutor, the Treasurer, the Register of Deeds, the Surveyor, the Sheriff, Judges of the 35th Judicial Circuit Court, the 66th Judicial District Court, and the Probate and Family Court.

As part of their fiscal responsibilities, the Board of Commissioners is responsible for developing policies and procedures to maintain public accountability and internal controls. The Board is responsible for levying property taxes, setting fees, selling bonds, and borrowing. They are also responsible for approval of all contracts, grant agreements, and personnel procedures and matters, including collective bargaining agreements. County government in Michigan places a great deal of reliance on Boards and Commissions with the management and operation of various departments. The Board of Commissioners is responsible for appointing citizen members to County Boards, Commissions and Committees. The Board is responsible for selecting a County Administrator to supervise the day-to-day operations of County Departments and determining the sites of County Buildings, and purchasing or disposing of County-owned property and facilities.

District 1

Marlene Webster (R)
407 Woodhall Court
Owosso, MI 48867

District 1 includes Fairfield, Middlebury, Owosso Pct. 1 & 2 and Rush Townships and Owosso City 1-1

District 2

Daniel McMaster (R)
522 N. Saginaw Street
Owosso, MI 48867

District 2 includes Owosso City 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, and 2-4

District 3

Gary Holzhausen (R) 
3810 Easton Rd.
Owosso, MI 48867

District 3 includes Caledonia Pct. 1, Hazelton, New Haven, and Venice Pct. 1 Townships and Corunna City

District 4

Brandon Marks  - Vice Chairman (R)
103 W. John Street
Durand, MI 48429

District 4 includes Venice Pct. 2 and Vernon Townships and Durand Cityict 4

District 5

Jeremy R. Root - Chairman (R)
111 Emmett Street
Byron, MI 48418

District 5 includes Antrim, Burns, Caledonia Pct. 2, and Shiawassee Township

District 6

Cindy L. Garber (R)
810 W. Bennington Road
Owosso, MI 48867

District 6 includes Bennington, Owosso Pct. III, Sciota Townships, City of Laingsburg and City of Owosso Pct. 6-1 

District 7

John B. Plowman (R)
202 Meadowdale Lane
Perry, MI 48872

District 7 includes Perry and Woodhull Townships and Perry City