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Morgan Knox, Executive Assistant

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Board and Committee Descriptions and Requirements

Shiawassee Airport Board

Board Member Requirement & Length of Term

5 Member Board/2-year term:

• Shiawassee County

• City of Owosso

(appointed by County Board of Commissioners)

• Owosso Charter Township

• City of Corunna

• Caledonia Charter Township

Board Description

The purpose of the Shiawassee Airport Board shall be and is to acquire, own, maintain, improve, make operationally self-supporting, and operate a municipal airport in accordance with the authorization as conferred upon municipal corporations under the Public Acts of 1945, Act 327 as amended, and to provide for an equitable sharing of improvement and operating costs among local government units; and to establish a consistent means of planning for and managing airport facilities; and to recognize and foster the importance of aeronautics facilities to the economic development and continued prosperity of the area.


Shiawassee County Central Dispatch Board

Board Member Requirement & Length of Term

12 Member Board/3-year term:

• County Sheriff, or their designee(s)

• State Police Post Commander, or their designee(s)

County Commissioners elect the remaining members for 3-year terms:

• 1 Elected Official from a City

• 1 Elected Official from a Township

• 1 Elected Official from a Village

• 2 Elected Officials from with the county at large

• 1 County Commissioner

• 1 Shiawassee Fire Association

• 1 Shiawassee Area Ambulance Association/Medical Control Provider Committee

• 1 law enforcement representative from a police agency within the county

• 1 citizen from within the county at large

Board Description

The function of the Board is to centralize and operate dispatching services for police, fire, ambulance and other public safety services within Shiawassee County.

Construction Board of Appeals

Board Member Requirement & Length of Term

7 Member Board/2-year term:

Representative for Supplies

3 Building Contractors

Representative for Plumbing

Representative for Building/Mechanical/Plumbing

Representative for Electrical Heating

Board Description

Members must have background in construction and a working knowledge of the codes being enforced by the governmental subdivision in order to process appeals and consider variances.

GLS Region V Planning & Development Commission

Board Member Requirements & Length of Term

16 Members {4 Members from Shiawassee County)/1-year term

Board Description

The Region V Planning Commission shall be a voluntary organization of local governments and agencies, pursuant to the Michigan Regional Planning Act 281 of 1945, as amended, to foster a cooperative effort in resolving policies, problems, and plans that are common and/or regional with maximum efficiency and economy.

To involve local officials and citizens in setting goals and priorities for regional planning and development.

To assure a continuing practical structure to promote communication and cooperation among area governmental unites and agencies.

To foster, develop, and review plans for regional economic growth, urban development, and conservation of physical and human resources, and to aid in coordinating plans among member local governments and agencies.

Through a framework of comprehensive planning, encourage greater input of state, federal, and local resources in achieving local programs and goals.

To furnish, upon request or under contract, general and technical assistance in developing intergovernmental and local programs.


Health Board

Board Member Requirements & Length of Term

7 Member-3 year term

• 2 County Commissioners

Non-commissioner members may be selected from one or more of the following sectors:

• Representatives from the public at large

• Representatives who possess certain functional skills or knowledge which could enhance the operation of the Board of health or Health Department

• Representatives of county, city, village, or township government

Board Description

The Board of Health is created and delegated authority by the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners pursuant to Section 2431 of the Public Health Code to:

•Provide the "governmental presence" locally in assuring conditions in which people can be healthy.

•Develop and implement policy and provide general  oversight of the operations of the Shiawassee County Health Department consistent with the policies established by the Board of Commissioners.

•Make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for the appointment of a Director/Health Officer.

•Make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for the appointment of Board of Health members.

Specific duties of the Board of Health shall include, but not be limited to the following:

• Review and recommend annual budgets and adjustments to the Board of Commissioners

• Financial monitoring of Health Department budgets

• Public health programming

• Approve all Health Department policy

• Personnel management including but not limited to, recruitment, retention, compensation, development, contract maintenance and discipling consistent with Board of Commissioners policy and budget

• Preside over formal hearings with regard to food code/law consistent with the food program enforcement policy


Housing Programs Advisory Council

Board Member Requirements & Length of Term

5 Members/ 3-year terms (members appointed by Board of Commissioners)

Board Description

The Council shall exercise authority in review of and approval/denial of eligible applicants for assistance from the Shiawassee County Housing Rehabilitation Program Loan Program in accordance with the adopted program format and the guidelines of the Department of housing and Urban Development (HUD), established under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. Council shall also provide direction, guidance and council of the future direction of the Housing Rehabilitation Program and shall continue its authority in evaluating applicants for new programs should other programs be developed through the Housing Rehabilitation Program.


Jury Board

Board Member Requirements & Length of Term

Appointment by the Board of Commissioners on recommendation of the circuit judges of the judicial circuit in which the county is situated, not more than 2 of whom shall be members of the same political



Shiawassee County Health & Wellness (Community Mental Authority Board)

Board Member Requirements & Length of Term

12 Member/3-year term

The composition of the Board shall be representative of:

• Providers of mental health services

• Recipients or primary consumers of mental health services

• Agencies and occupations having a working involvement with mental health services

• The general public

1/3 of the membership shall be primary consumers or family members, at least 2 members shall be primary consumers. All Board members shall be 18 years of age or older. Not more than 4 members may be County Commissioners. See by-laws for further detail.

Board Description

The purpose and the power to be exercised by the Community Mental Health Authority shall be to comply with and carry out the provisions of the Mental Health Code. The Authority shall provide a comprehensive array of mental health services appropriate to conditions of individuals who are located within its geographic service area, regardless of an individual's ability to pay.

Planning Commission

Board Member Requirements & Length of Term

7 Member/3-year term/no member shall serve more than 4 full terms

Board Description

The authority for the establishment of this Planning Commission is set forth under Public Act 33 of 2008, the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, as amended ("Planning Act") and includes all duties and responsibilities incurred therein. The Planning Commission also assumes all duties of the Zoning Commission, as prescribed in Public Act 110 of 2006, the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, as amended ("Zoning Act"). Planning and zoning powers and duties under the Planning and Zoning Act are delegated to the Planning Commission by the Board of Commissioners of Shiawassee County, Michigan ("Board") by Resolution Number 97-01-03 and those provisions set forth in the Shiawassee County Zoning Ordinance ("Ordinance").


Social Services Board

The Board of Commissioners appoints two of the three members, the County Social Services Board and the Director of State DSS appoints the third member. The three members are residents of Shiawassee County.


Solid Waste Planning Committee

Board Member Requirements & Length of Term

14 Member

• 4 Representatives from the Solid Waste Management Industry

• 2 Representatives from Environmental Interest Groups

• 1 Representative from City Government

• 1 Representative from County Government

• 1 Representative from Township Government

• 1 Representative from the Regional Solid Waste Planning Agency

• 3 Representatives from General Public

• 1 Industrial waste generator

Board Description

The Planning Committee shall assist in the preparation of the Solid Waste Management Plan by providing advice and consultation. The duties of the Planning Committee include, but are not limited to:

• Review of Shiawassee County Planning Commission's Work Program

• Identification of local policies and priorities

• Insuring coordination and public participation

• Periodically advise the County and Municipalities of the Plan's status

• Review work elements

• Approve the Plan, forward to the Planning Commission